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TrueERP Business Accounting Software

Financial Accounts with Real Time Reporting

TrueERP business accounting software gives you maximum flexibility from the creation of your Chart of Accounts and Cost Centres to Real Time Reporting and easy to use Graphical presentation of data.

Transparency of data is crucial to understand your accounts and your business accounting software should be about managing your business. Your business shouldn't be tied up managing your software.

TrueERP is all about your accounting data and provides drillable access throughout its extensive reports. Drill into your Balance Sheet or Profit & Loss down to individual transactions in real time. Full Audit Trail is provided to track all transactions ensuring data integrity which is one of the key functions of accounting software.

Total flexibility in allocating employee access levels ensures data security and gives you back the control you need over your systems without restricting your employees ability to do their job.

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Extensive Accounting Reporting Features

Business accounting software is only as good as the access it provides to your data. TrueERP comes with a huge suite of standard reports each of which can be easily customised to show the information you need in the report format you want. These reports can then be saved and viewed at any time. With an almost unlimited range of reports, using different printouts and styles that will allow a user to create a new report or modified any existing report and save as their own. Set your columns of data to not only total as a sum, but also display an average, a maximum or minimum value or any other range of totaling features. As an added bonus any piece of data that is displayed on any of these reports can be simply drilled into, this fantastic feature will give you extensive detail of what makes up the value displayed, right back to being able to open the original transaction on the report.

Instant Accounting Report Features

You don't have to wait for end of month rollovers or batch updating anymore, your reports are instant and up to date to the mille-second. As an added bonus any piece of data that is displayed on any report can be simply drilled into, this fantastic feature will give you extensive detail of what makes up the value displayed, right back to being able to open the original transaction on the report.


Extensive range of 3D graphs which can be generated from most reports.You can alter the existing set or create your own which can then be saved and filter on at any time giving a comprehensive graphical view of your business.

Trial Balance

Run a trial balance or General Ledger at any time as required. As TrueERP is a true real time system, any transaction that has been created will appear on the report instantly.

Business Activity Statement Reporting

Instant BAS report printout. Preloaded with the correct codes, just requires date selection to load the numbers. If running multiple companies in the one file, you can report on the group of companies or produce an individual BAS report per company. The reports are also fully drillable allowing you to see the transactions that make up the field.

Full Audit Trial

In business accounting software data integrity is key. The audit trail will track any, and all, changes made to True ERP, and report on (eg) who did them, when they did them and what they did. This gives you the ability to go back to any transaction and view any changes.

Chart of Accounts

The software comes with the complete list of accounts required for any business. This list can be added to, or deleted from, depending on your requirements. In addition, you can start from scratch with your own set of accounts, or simply merge together a combination of both.

Business Cost Centres

Allocating Business Cost Centres allows for breaking down of each individual transaction into different cost centres. Great for doing Profit and Loss reports by departments etc to track individual sections within your company to see how they are performing.

Bank Transfer

Pay suppliers directly using Bank Transfer. Transfer almost any payment direct from your PC straight out of TrueERP.

Foreign Currency

Buying from or selling to overseas entities has never been easier. TrueERP business accounting software allows fixed foreign currency values per supplier and auto loading of currency adjustment values when payment is made. Products can also be pre-assigned to a supplier with fixed purchase price in the suppliers currency which auto loads and adjusts the local currency value to the foreign amount. Assign expenses and import costs directly to an item so that a full landed cost of the product is known including freight, customs and import duties.

Budget Projections and Actual Business Performance

Take full control of Budgets by Department or Account with TrueERP. You can create multiple budgets or consolidated budgets and view a list of budgets created to easily monitor each and every budget set.


Create multiple line self checking journals. Set them up as memorised transactions so that they automatically post every week, month etc.

Landed Cost

Costs against the product can be treated as base cost or landed cost. You have the choice of applying all the expenses associated with the original order, or only applying a small number of them. Landed costs can be added to average costs giving you correct stock value.

Memorised Transaction Listings

Pre-enter regular transactions that will auto load or post as requested. Any of these can be edited or adjusted as you require.


Do complete reconciliations over any number of accounts, ensuring that all accounts balance to each other.

One Page Business Accounts Summary Report

Look at a simple one page snapshot of your business, including cash in bank, accounts receivable, accounts payable, sales of different periods, cost of different periods and profit and loss over different periods. All figures again within this report are fully drillable to further investigate how these values are created.

Tax Codes

The accounting software is designed to minimize human error by allowing you to assign tax codes to products and accounts which TrueERP will then auto load into any transaction, the instant the account or product is selected. The BAS report is also instantly updated with the new transaction that has just been added due to the tax code already being assigned.

Tax Summary Reporting

Get a complete break-up of every transaction and it's tax implications at any time, including the values that make up any field on the BAS or VAT.


Complete list of Payment Terms required for any business, which can be added to, or deleted from depending on your requirements. Included are true End Of Month or fixed day of the following month terms and early payment discount options as well as many others.

Transaction Journal

This is a great report for seeing every transaction and every posting that it makes to every account that is affected.

Tree or List Views in TrueERP Business Accounting Software

View all your accounts in tree structure or list view. Switching between is a simple click of the mouse with full drill down capabilities in either view.

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