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TrueERP is a software solution that goes beyond accounting. It is a TrueERP solution designed to integrate the information from all your key business functions from inventory control, purchasing and manufacturing through to sales and fulfillment and much more.


TrueERP Software gives you maximum flexibility from the creation of your Chart of Accounts and Cost Centres to Real Time Reporting and easy to use Graphical presentation of data.


Full control of Budgets by Department or Account. You can also create multiple budgets or consolidated budgets with the TrueERP suite.

Clothing Matrix

TrueERP Software allows the creation of more than just a cubed matrix. So rather than simply tracking Size and Colour (or whatever "X" and "Y" axis names you wish) you can add any number of additional tracking fields to "X" and "Y" such as colour, size, length and cuff. There is no restriction on names or number.

CRM - Customer Relationship Management

TrueERP Software provides CRM solutions for both Sales Force Automation and operational CRM or Customer Relationship Management.

Foreign Currency

Allows selling and purchasing from Foreign Countries. Fixed foreign currency values per supplier can be set, as well as auto loading of a currency adjustment values when payment is made.


With a fully integrated bill of materials (BOM), Capicity Planner and Barcode manufacturing system, TrueERP has everything you will need to run your shop floor. Whether you choose to just use barcoding or touch screens, everything is at your finger tips.

Payroll & HRM - Human Resource Management

TrueERP Software has an extensive employee database with all details required to keep an accurate payroll system.

Point of Sale

For businesses that require single or multiple tills, customised for each user and integrated with card readers, barcode scanners, display screens and receipt printers. TrueERP Software integrates all the functionality of Point of Sale with real time accounting, inventory control and supply chain management.


Whether you are a manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer, management of your inventory is critical to controlling your costs and ensuring the smooth operation of your business. TrueERP Software gives you real time information on current stock levels and values including stock on order, raw materials, work in progress and finished goods. In short, TrueERP Software provides you with an affordable Supply Chain Management solution.


TrueERP Software gives you complete control of your purchasing and supply chain management. From automatic reorder triggers to auto selecting the cheapest supplier and tracking orders from shipping to stocking your shelves, TrueERP Software is the answer.

Barcode Printing

TrueERP Software allows for different methods in applying barcodes to products and the ability to print them directly from the system.


TrueERP Software comes complete with a suite of customisable reports for every module, as well as a build in SQL report writer giving you the capacity to create absolutely any report you can think of.


TrueERP Software gives you maximum flexibility, combined with rock solid control over every aspect of your sales processes and cycles from the very first contact with a prospect, all the way through to them becoming a customer.

Serial Numbers

Individual products can be tracked from purchasing to sales, with their own separate numbers. Keeps accurate records of exactly which customer has which product, when they brought it and who the supplier was that supplied it. Great for warranties etc.

Servicing & Repairs

TrueERP Software gives you enormous flexibility and maximum control in managing all aspects of your workshop, servicing and maintenance requirements, from tracking warranty costs, on-site calls to automated scheduled servicing.

Shipping Containers

TrueERP Software provides a complete Container Shipping tracking solutions for importing goods from anywhere in the world. Track your goods from the moment ordered, what ship they are on all the way to where they are stacked on your shelves.

Web Pages

Set your web site up to integrate fully with TrueERP with everything from Shopping Carts to Customer balances, using the built in Web Application Programming Interface (API).

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