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TrueERP Marketing

Loyalty to Mail Merge and Reward Points

Sales Force Automation CRM enables:

Lead List Management
Assigning list segments to salespeople
Allowing list contacts to be called, emailed or faxed
Tracking responses
Creating Leads for the team
Customer History tracking
Service Call tracking
Employee To Do lists
Allowing customer contacts to be called, emailed or faxed
Customer Satisfaction tracking
Generating Reports

TrueERP gives you maximum flexibility, combined with rock solid control over every aspect of your sales processes and cycles from the very first contact with a prospect, all the way through to them becoming a customer.

Track how many calls, email, appointments and number of phone calls required to convert prospects to sales. Judge which sales campaigns are most effective and which sales reps and or products have the best return on investment.

Give up to the minute feedback to your employees from customers or plan months in advance stock requirements for up and coming sales. All combined in one complete system from your CRM to marketing to completion of contracts, TrueERP gives it all to you.

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By tracking leads, with prospects etc; ratios can be created giving a record of rate of return, not only against products but also against sales representatives.

Sale Leads Tracking
Full follow-up prompting of all prospects, leads and or customers . This will automatically load, as per the user when logging onto any computer on the network.

Complete details as required to keep an accurate lead and prospect database, which can be added to, or deleted from, depending on your requirements. This is separated from your customer database but automatically converts to the customer database when required.

Auto Loyalty Program Tracking
You can set a range of values that when a customer reaches a trigger point, the system will automatically create follow-up letters and follow-up calls.

Individual Customer Product Discounting
Each Customer can have products sold to them at individual prices, which will auto load when selecting that product in any transaction.

Multiple Discounting Options
Automatic discounting can be done at customer level, product level, groups of products or by date range. In fact there is over a dozen different ways discounts or mark-ups can be applied across the suite.

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