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TrueERP Multi Locations

A Fully integrated multi site / multi company software solution

Whether your manufacturing process is a simple assembly of components or requires the scheduling and monitoring of multiple processes and resources, TrueERP can help. From Bill of Materials to Supply Chain Management and Production Scheduling.

The complete TrueERP suite is ready to go with as many Sites, Companies, Locations and users as you require.

Any one of these can be added to at any time, so should you add an additional office or warehouse, shop or company, simply click the option and you have it.

Multiple Companies
Run as many company databases as you require within TrueERP. Simply create a new file when and as you choose, with no limitation on the number or addition cost to do so.

TrueERP gives you maximum flexibility, combined with rock solid control over every aspect of your sales processes and cycles from the very first contact with a prospect, all the way through to them becoming a customer.

Track how many calls, email, appointments and number of phone calls required to convert prospects to sales. Judge which sales campaigns are most effective and which sales reps and or products have the best return on investment.

Give up to the minute feedback to your employees from customers or plan months in advance stock requirements for up and coming sales. All combined in one complete system from your CRM to marketing to completion of contracts, TrueERP gives it all to you.

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Multiple Site Enabled
Supports unlimited different store locations all feeding from and back to one Head Office. Each site can make additions or alterations, which will in turn, update to every other site. It also allows to automatically update all changes between stores, including stock levels and transactions. Keeps full reporting options on each individual store as well as the entire group, via cost centres.

Multiple Warehouses
Supports unlimited different warehouse locations all feeding from and back to Head Office. Each warehouses stock levels, bins, serial numbers and batches can be tracked individually or as a consolidated group. Great for moving stock between stores etc.

Profit and Loss Reporting
Full Customisable Reporting with complete drill down features. Profit and Loss reporting for each and every cost centre, or a consolidated report for all cost centres. You can also run multiple companies in the one file, which in turn will create either a consolidated report on the group of companies or an individual report per company.

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