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TrueERP Sales

TrueERP Sales Tools - Sales & Order Fulfillment Software

TrueERP gives you maximum flexibility, combined with rock solid control over every aspect of your sales processes and cycles from the very first contact with a prospect, all the way through to them becoming a customer. To find out more about how to improve productivity with TrueERP's software suite contact us today for a free demo...

Complete details as required to keep an accurate lead and prospect database, which can be added to, or deleted from, depending on your requirements. This is separated from your customer database but automatically converts to the customer database when required.

Keep a complete record of every call, email ,appointment, letter and fax sent to prospects, etc. This will tell you exactly what was required to convert a prospect to a customer.

Sales Ratios
By tracking leads, with prospects etc; ratios can be created giving a record of rate of return, not only against products but also against sales representatives.

Sale Leads Tracking
Full follow-up prompting of all prospects, leads and or customers . This will automatically load, as per the user when logging onto any computer on the network.

Complete details as required to keep an accurate customer database, which can be added to, or deleted from, depending on your requirements. The customer database is live to all areas of TrueERP which ensures that if any transaction involving a client is processed, the correct details including credit limits, pricing levels, past history, and contact and shipping details are automatically loaded and updated. No longer do you have to have multiple software packages to run your business.

Customer History
An extensive and complete history of every quote, sales order, invoice, cash sale, statement, appointment etc that you have made with this customer. These can at any time be simply drilled into to open the original transaction that makes up the report.

Individual Customer Product Discounting
Each Customer can have products sold to them at individual prices, which will auto load when selecting that product in any transaction.

Multiple Discounting Options
Automatic discounting can be done at customer level, product level, groups of products or by date range. In fact there is over a dozen different ways discounts or mark-ups can be applied across the suite.

Permanent Customer Discounting
Set up each individual customer to have either a one off discount, specific product discount, grouped products discounts, permanent discount or volume sales discounts.

Permanent Customer Mark-up
Set up each individual customer to have permanent mark-up percentage assigned. When this customer is selected on any transaction, the mark-up percentage will be automatically loaded.

Freight Pricing
Should you use freight companies to deliver your goods TrueERP will automatically calculate what charges you will incur to deliver the goods.

Clothing Matrix
Sometimes called a product matrix, the matrix system within the TrueERP Software suite will cater for not only "X" and "Y" grids, but also an additional "A","B" and "C" styled options or categories. ie you may have Size and Colour, but you can also have Garment Length, Cuff width, Collar Height and Sleeve Length etc as addition options or categories along side the traditional colour and size choice. Each of these categories can have an unlimited number of choices within them as well, giving you an enormous range of choices and options.

Unlimited number per individual customer or job, with one button conversion to invoice, sales order, repair, another quote, or smart order. Any special price quoted on for a customer can be automatically stored and always used as that customer's price for that product. Can be faxed, emailed, or printed in multiple formats, all from the quote screen.

Quote Status
Estimate sales by judging how likely obtaining the quote is, by using the status options to reflect the likelihood of making the sale.

Sales Orders
Used as a confirmation of a sale prior to invoicing. TrueERP sales orders come with full picking slip and delivery docket capacity. These can also be easily converted to any number of options from invoices to smart orders etc.

Back Orders
Complete back ordering system with automatic order number tracking between invoices i.e. if an invoice is placed and part of the order is not available for 3 days (on back order) the second invoice will have the original invoice number as a reference attached to it.

Can be faxed, emailed or printed in multiple formats, all from the invoice screen.

Foreign Currency
Allows selling and purchasing from Foreign Countries. Fixed foreign currency values per supplier can be set as well as auto loading of a currency adjustment value when payment is made. Products can also be pre-assigned with a supplier who has a fixed dollar amount in the supplier's currency, which auto loads and adjusts the current currency amount by the foreign amount.

Batch Printing
Invoices can be printed in order of date, or customer, or number, or just all un-printed invoices. These can be done at any time with incredible ease.

Combined Back Orders
Combine automatically any orders for the one customer, either dependent on the arrival of deliveries or simply as each order is placed, the one invoice is simply extended.

Can be faxed, emailed or printed in multiple formats, all from the refunds screen.

Fully Integrated POS
For businesses that require single or multiple tills, customised for each user and integrated with card readers, barcode scanners, display screens and receipt printers. EFT Software integrates all the functionality of Point of Sale with real time accounting, inventory control and supply chain management.

Progress Invoicing
Great for extended projects, where a portion of the total job can be invoiced. This can be done as a fixed amount of the job or as a percentage of the job.

Profit & Loss Reporting By Jobs
Each job or project can be its own profit centre. With costs and income tracked, or you can combine a group of jobs and track them as a total.

Memorise Any Transaction for Auto Loading
This will allow you to create any transaction such as an invoice or cheque and memorise it. It will then automatically appear every week, month or quarter as required. This is a great feature for regular monthly payments like hire purchases etc.

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