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TrueERP Training

TrueERP Training Module

With over 120 videos on how to do anything, a comprehensive help file and 24 hour unlimited free, real time, live support from around the world, using understanding and learning TrueERP, couldn't be easier.

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Training Allocation
Allocate your staff to learn certain modules and functions within TrueERP.

On line Help
Jump on line at any time to search, read and study the extensive on line help files on every topic within TrueERP.

With our instant real time remote viewing we can be looking at your screen while we are talking on the phone. Absolutely brilliant for getting across exactly what it is you need or are trying to achieve.

Training Progress
Track and monitor how each member of your team is going with their training and what progress the entire project has made with all team members.

Training Status
See at a glance, who has watched which videos and who has done the training questions to completion.

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