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TrueERP Web Page, EDI & PDA Integration

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EDI - Electronic Data Integration. Using almost any format, have files from anywhere, import directly into TrueERP. To find out more about how to improve productivity with TrueERP's software suite contact us today for a free demo...


Create links with any other company or program where TrueERP sends and receives any and all data automatically.

EDI Compatibility

TNT   Shopping Carts
CyTrack (Integrated Telephone System)   Customer Portals
ATO   Google Analytics
Australian E-Parcel   Telstra
Pnet (Insurance Company Integration)   UPS USA
OPOS Scales   United States Postal Services
Fuel Pump Systems   Canada Post
XML   FedEx
Google Calendar   Ebay
Web Pages  

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Want to generate leads from your website? If a person fills in the contact page on this web site, their details will appear automatically in TrueERP. Find out how...

Google Integration

View your online performance using Google Analytics or have your data feed direct to and from your web site.

Web Page

Set your web site up to integrate fully with TrueERP with everything from Shopping Carts to Customer balances, using the built in Web Application Programming Interface (API).
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Sales Links

Have your sales leads, followup and reminders feed directly to your laptop, even while offsite.

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