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TrueERP Manufacturing

TrueERP Manufacturing Module

Whether your manufacturing process is a simple assembly of components or requires the scheduling and monitoring of multiple processes and resources, TrueERP can help. From Bill of Materials to Supply Chain Management and Production Scheduling.

Create your own manufacturing processes
Create your own manufacturing resources
Define your own allowable Product Variations
Auto Scheduling of production based on earliest possible, or Just In Time
Schedule resource downtime
Detailed Reporting

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You can see at a glance what jobs are on-line and what is coming up, allowing you to real-time schedule your employee and manufacturing assets, resulting in less down time and the shortening of client and staff waiting periods. The whole process becomes extremely efficient.

Combined with TrueERP's integrated Supply Chain Management, TrueERP delivers the production control and real time information required to take your business to the next level.

Capacity Planning
Manufacturing links directly to purchasing with purchase triggers set to prompt your purchasing manager to order what is required for upcoming manufacturing stages, based on present stock levels, re-order points, and estimated date of delivery data.

Sales Tracking
If you buy the same product from different suppliers, you can list their codes for the product, as well as all their different prices for the same product. This can be extended to the purchase order for the supplier, as it will print their supplier code on the purchase order, even if your product code is different from theirs.

Time Sheet Entries
Enter times for jobs via scanners using fixed hours or flat rate. Time sheet entries are great for job costing etc. These job costing entries will then flow down to profit and loss reports for any job you undertake.

Barcode Manufacturing, Picking and Tracking
This is undoubtedly one of best automated manufacturing and warehouse features around, as it virtually removes human error in the entire production, picking and packing process.

This module of TrueERP allows orders to be placed in the office, the warehouse then completes the order without touching the computer, by the use of a scanner.

By scanning in their employee barcodes, the next prioritised job is put through production, which in turn then produces a picking slip.

TrueERP will then track how long it takes to pick the goods, and then how long it takes to pack the goods. In addition it will automatically count how many cartons or pallets are used to pack the goods in, with a complete record of what goods are in what carton. It will confirm that the correct amount of goods have been packed and once confirmed, will then automatically complete the invoice, print the required Consignment Notes, Delivery Dockets and Labels.

Groups / Kits / BOM
Also called a "Bill of Materials". This is where you can make a product from different, separate products. You can also have a group within a group or unlimited sub-products. No limits. Whenever one of these groups is sold, all the associated separate products are reduced by the number in the stock on hand list required to make the group.

Job Costing
Superbly accurate job costing with total job cost continually updating live as item costs change, labour costs are applied, expenses incurred, and entered, and products purchased. Full time sheet entry facility.

No Limits
There are no limits to how many items, stages and processes are incorporated into any one manufacturing job, with there also being no limits to how many manufacturing jobs you can schedule at any time.

Product Costing
Manufacturing in TrueERP is live in all areas including product cost updating. As the cost (and sell) on any product, item or service used in the manufacture process is changed, the unit, bill of materials, and manufacture process is also updated with this change. This ensures accurate data at all times.

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